National CDR Map

Below is an interactive map of the most recent 2- and 3-year cohort default rates (CDRs) for post-secondary institutions receiving Title IV funding. Each CDR is represented by a the size of the circle located over each institution. You can select the institutions to view in several ways:

1. CDR Measure – You can select whether you wish to display the official 2009 2-year CDR or the draft 2008 3-year CDR. You can also choose what range of CDR values you would like to display.
2. Student Experiences – You can filter institutions by graduation rate, the percent of students receiving federal grants, and tuition & fees.
3. Institutional Characteristics – You can select based on institutional level, control, location, and also by name. Note that you can search by name by clicking on the magnifying glass in the institution field, and that field is cumulative; to clear the field and start again, click on "clear list".
4. Map – You can select individual institutions by clicking on each circle, or you can click and drag to select an area. You can also zoom by double-clicking on a spot and pan by clicking and holding and then moving your mouse in the desired direction, and you can use the tools in the upper left corner of the map to navigate in other ways.

The map itself displays geographic information and roadways, but it also displays underlying household income data. As you zoom into certain areas, several campus location patterns will emerge. Below the map is a dynamic histogram of CDRs that reflects the institutions or institution types chosen.

Once you have selected the desired CDR measure and institutions or institution types, you can use the tools at the very bottom of the display to take screenshots, to print to PDF, to display the underlying data, to download comma-separated value files, and to share this map with others.

1. CDR Data – Office of Federal Student Aid, US Department of Education, (accessed October 1, 2011).
2. Institutional Data – Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, US Department of Education, (accessed October 1, 2011).

1. Not all institutions are displayed because of missing data values.
2. Institutions that report cohort default rates through a central office have CDR circles that are only placed over that central office. This dashboard may disaggregate the circles by campus in a future release.
3. Graduation rate, percent of entering students receiving federal grant aid, and tuition & fees are averages of the most recent 4 years reported. Graduation rate reflects the percent of entering students who do not transfer and who complete their programs within 150% of the normal time to completion, as defined by the National Center for Education Statistics.