Federal Student Loan and Grant Data

Below is a interactive table/chart showing federal student loan, grant and campus-based aid data. You can create customized filters to view the data below in several ways:

1. Institution Type – You can limit your view to public, private or for-profit institutions (as well as any combination).
3. Program – Select and limit your search to loans, grants, campus-based aid or any combination. You can, for example, choose to look at just Direct Loan volume.
4. Award – Select and limit your search to individual loan and grant types. For example, you can choose to only examine subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford loans.
5. Item – Limit your search to the amount of dollars disbursed, the number of recipients receiving grants and/or loans or the average dollar disbursement per recipient.

The chart dynamically adjusts to the filter criterion you select. The sizes of the individual pie charts reflect the aggregate volume (A good example would be to limit your search to just Direct Loan funding as the pie chart in the most recent year becomes very large to reflect the shift in loan volume due to the closure of the FFEL program.

Hovering over any particular pie component will bring up detailed information. If you click on a piece of one of the pies, it will highlight the relevant row and column from the table (below) where the associated data comes from.
1. Federal Student Aid Data Center, US Department of Education, http://federalstudentaid.ed.gov/datacenter/programmatic.html.

1. Federal loans for students at foreign institutions have been excluded from the tables here.
2. The Academic Competitiveness Grant and SMART Grant programs were initially funded through the 2010-11 award year and have been since discontinued.
3. Information on Campus-Based Aid programs is only available from the FSA Data Center site through the 2009-10 award year.